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"The great tailor's suit is not afraid of fashions" - has always been the thought of Mario and Lillo D'Ambrosio.

The D'Ambrosio suit is an expression of undisputed elegance interpreted, from time to time, according to the particular needs of the customer.

For each customer, based on the measurements and wishes, a unique cut is elaborated that exactly suits his constitution and his personality.

Those who wear D'Ambrosio can also decide to "create" a suit or other garment at their own discretion and liking, agreeing on the line and details with our cutters.


The way a person dresses reflects a lot on how this person feels about themselves.


The tailoring tradition of the D'Ambrosio family dates back to the beginning of the 20th century: in 1927 Pasquale and Angiolina D'Ambrosio, Lillo's grandparents, set up a tailoring workshop in a small town in Irpinia, Fontanarosa (AV).

Mario D'Ambrosio grew up immersed in the world of fabrics and cutting. This allowed him to transform his innate talent for cutting into a real sartorial art and to be able to understand the personality of each individual customer. After waiting for the renowned fashion school in Naples, Mario D'Ambrosio moved to Casale Monferrato in northern Italy. Here, step by step, he introduces his son Lillo to all the sartorial secrets and family traditions he has gathered over many, many years.
With the contribution of its main cutters, Mario and Lillo, the Sartoria D'Ambrosio soon became a symbol of tradition and masculine elegance throughout Piedmont.


Both Mario and Lillo D'Ambrosio received the honors of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.

On 5 January 1980, Mario D'Ambrosio was awarded the honor of Grand Officer of the Italian Republic by the then President Alessandro Pertini.


On December 27, 1993, his son Lillo D'Ambrosio received the honor of Commendatore, Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, from President Oscar Luigi Scalfaro.

There have been numerous articles and publications concerning tailoring over the years.

One of the latest articles was in the monthly Style - Corriere della Sera in September 2011 and December 2011.
Lillo D'Ambrosio's skills and inspiration are recognized by the most prestigious competitions and acclaimed by the public of the most authoritative fashion shows. Lillo receives some of the most important Italian and international awards.  The most significant are: - Gold Centimeter 1972 - Gold Scissors 1974 and 1980 – Gold Chalk 1977  - Golden halberd 1988

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