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  • Sartoria Premiata Forbici d'Oro Alabarde d'Oro

    As appreciation for the art created through fabrics, both father and son D’Ambrosio have been awarded by the Presidents of Italy – estimators of D’Ambrosio – with various decorations.

    Mario D’Ambrosio was f.e. awarded on January 5th 1980 by the President of the Republic Alessandro Pertini with the Order of Merit for the Italian Republic of the Great Officer Degree (Grande Ufficiale).

    His son Lillo D’Ambrosio received on December 27th 1993 the Order of Merit for the Italian Republic of Commodore Degree (Commendatore) from the Italian President of that time Oscar Luigi Scalfaro.

    During the life period of D’Ambrosio’s activity, numerous articles were published about the D’Ambrosio’a art of creating masterpieces of clothing.

    The first appearance of D’Ambrosio Tailoring in the press dates back to more than 50 years ago. The latest articles paying tribute was in September and December 2011 published in Style – Corriere della Sera as well as the article published in SWISS Universe (the in-flight magazine for first and business class) in December 2012.

    Lillo D’Ambrosio’s skills and inspiration were recognized by the most prestigious awards and extolled by the audience of the most competent exhibits. Lillo is the winner of several most prestigious Italian and international awards.
    The most significant among them are the following: – Centimetro d’oro 1972 – Forbici d’oro 1974 e 1980 – Gesso d’oro 1977 – Cutter Award 1978 – Alabarda d’oro 1988.