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  • D'Ambrosio Single Breasted Jacket Retro cocktail attire Town suit

    Tailor traditions of the D’Ambrosio family is dating back to the beginning of the XX century: in 1927 Pasquale and Angiolina D’Ambrosio, grandparents of Lillo, founded a sewing atelier in a small village by the name of Fontanarosa, not far from Naples.

    Namely among the stands of this atelier in Fontanarosa Mario D’Ambrosio, Lillo’s father, immersed into the world of fabrics and sewing but, most importantly, also into the human psychology. After Mario D’Ambrosio concluded successfully the renewed Naples school of tailor he moved with its tailoring to Casale Monferrato in Northern Italy where, step by step, he introduced to his son Lillo all the tailoring secrets and family traditions gathered over many, many years. But even more importantly he was able to pass his genuine sewing passion to his son Lillo.

    Thanks to the efforts of Mario and Lillo dress-cutters, D’Ambrosio became the standard bearer and the ultimate reference in the entire Piedmont and Nord of Italy region for the profession of tailoring.